537 W. 2nd St., Ste. 103
Hastings, NE 68901


Meet the Team

The Experts: Jamey Hamburer, Co-Owner

I strive to bring my love of wine to the masses. At WineStyles Tasting Station I am able to do just that. Revamping WineStyles Hastings to more than just a wine store, the "Bistro Down Below" has become a must-stop location in Hastings.

I believe that boundaries shouldn't be drawn by class when it comes to food, wine, art and music. From surfs to kings, wine has been the drink of the people for centuries; a label or region shouldn't change that. Co-owner, Bob Murphy, and I want to bring savory, unique food, drinks and entertainment to all of our visitors.

From expanding the drink selection and menu, to inviting a variety of musicians to perform throughout the year we developed a remarkable hideaway and at the same time great place to socialize. Expanding the space for the growing number of patrons, we developed a meeting room that can be rented for special occasions.

I have been a member of the Hastings community for well over a decade. Growing up in Harvard I drew ties to Hastings early in life. As an active member and President of the Hastings Downtown Center Association, I am passionate about expanding the downtown community to create a thriving town centre for the people of Hastings and surrounding areas.

See you at WineStyles Tasting Station Hastings!




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